Boise® Spirits Kit Instructions


Required materials

- 1L or 0.75L glass container (not included)
- One sample bag per bottle
- One label per bottle

The one-liter bottles that are used for fruit juices are ideal because they have a large opening that makes it easy to fill with chips or stave pieces. 

Each sample bag contains 10g which is exactly the dose to be used for one liter.  

Step n°1


Place each 10g of sample to a different glass bottle

Step n°2


Stick the labels provided in the kit and identify each bottle by the name you want (batch number, name of the vintage etc.), the date, and the name of the oak reference.

Step n°3


Fill the bottles with the brandy. Have 2-3 1 L bottles with brandy only as control.

Step n°4


Leave in contact for 3-4 weeks, keeping the bottles in a dry, cool and away from light.

Step n°5


At the end of this period:
a. Taste each sample to determine which ones correspond to the determined objectives.
b. If necessary, dilute the samples to decrease the concentration.
c. Make blends with the different samples and take notes.
*The different dilutions can be done with the "Boisé Kit" calculator of the Boisé application (download on AppStore & PlayStore).

Our oak 

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