To boost the complexity, elegance and length of your spirits.

Unique spirits with staves
Crème brûlée

The stave Boisé® Spirits Crème brûlée brings freshness and complexity to the fruit with its smoky eucalyptus notes. It boosts the volume and the length in palate with significant aromatic persistence.

Size (LxWxH in mm): 950x50x20

Our oak 

Our oak products are made from PEFC certified French oak, rigorously selected, analyzed and toasted to guarantee repeatability and precision. Boisé® France, our unique production site, since 1996, is certified ISO 50 001. By choosing Boisé®, you engage in sustainable development!

Specialized in precision oenology and high quality oenological oaks , Vivelys is behind major innovations to help our customers make the right decisions at the right time. Vivelys invented Boisé®, Dyostem®, Scalya®,Ecolys®, Visio™ and KitBrett™, concrete, relevant, cutting-edge solutions, sources of progress and value, to meet the challenges of the wine industry.

A pioneer in precision oenology, Boisé® offers a range of oak products recognized for their high quality.
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